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fork of the acme editor from plan9port - keybinds, tweaks, config.h, etc

update README; version 9001-b02
Derek Stevens
paint bg color when there isn't enough space in a window body for an entire line of text
Derek Stevens
update Toolbox and scripts
Derek Stevens


This is a fork of the acme text editor from the plan9port distribution. It combines the customizability of lumar/sminez’s forks and acme2k with upstream fixes from 9fans and some custom work.

Namely, when click-to-focus is enabled, the active text frame renders the tick (aka the text cursor) with the hilight color (COLOR_<TAG|BODY>_HI); otherwise the tick is rendered with the text color (COLOR_<TAG|BODY>_TX). This is all done with a fork of libframe which is included in the distribution and compiled into the program, and some simple logic that selects the proper ticks for each frame when the focus changes and forces a redraw.

See the config.def.h for out of the box customizations that can be done. Below is a screenshot of my typical setup (note I use compositing rules to make the window transparent, this is not in the scope of acme itself).



Keybindings are as follows:

Users unfamiliar with acme in general should check the following resources:



After building, run ./; If run as a regular user, it will install to ~/bin/9; if run as root, it will overwrite the systemwide acme in $PLAN9/bin


The scripts directory contains some helpers, mostly just shortcuts for acme-lsp. Also shortcuts to change font size and a Slide utility (for presentations). Copy them to your $PATH and let ‘em rip.

These work only in window tags (not column or row tags):

These will work anywhere:

For acls to work right with plan9port C stuff you will need to add your $PLAN9/include directory to the compile flags in either the project .clangd file or your ~/.config/clangd/config.yaml:

    - "-I/usr/lib/plan9/include"

The C# server doesn’t seem to be able to handle metadata yet (eg, going to definitions that are part of the standard library or packages).

See also:

The Toolbox file contains a compilation of sam command language (Edit scripts) that may be useful.


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