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simple dark GUI theme with turquoise hilights

audacious: remove titlebar and update shade buttons
Derek Stevens
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refine colors and tweak audacious theme
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steppenwolf-dark is the dark version (now the only maintained version!) of a theme originally forked from OneStepBack. It features dark grey window areas; black textboxes, menus, view areas, and buttons; has a nice border and corner radius on the buttons; and turquoise selection, check/radios and scrollbars. These descriptions apply to the GTK2/3 themes – there are differences with the Qt5 colorscheme, but they don’t really clash in my opinion.

There are three supported environments:

As a bonus, there are two Plank themes and an Audacious theme.


A script is provided which installs the theme globally if run as root and for the current user only otherwise. If you know what you’re doing you already know where to put the files. If you don’t know where they live, you can look in the script.



This is a GPL 3 free software. Feel free to change and share the code.


0.72 tweak contrast and add audacious theme

0.71 fix left/right anchored tabs

0.70 modernize tabs

0.65 add darker Qt5 colorscheme for Kate and installer script, tweak GTK2 theme and Qt5 colorscheme

0.632 fix selected text color

0.631 add Qt5 colorscheme

0.63 tweak panel/frame

0.62 flatten and remove padding from ‘frame’ elements

0.61 inverted some image assets, increased scroll/scalebar size for steppenwolf-dark

0.6 darken disabled menuitem color a bit, add steppenwolf-dark

0.5 remove bevel/borders from menubars and toolbars

0.4 add plank theme

0.3 fix Thunar pathbar buttons

0.2 update overflow arrows in menus

0.1 first release

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