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uncomplicated surf (suckless web browser) config

add homepage, fix downloads, add default CSS
Iris Lightshard
searchengine patch and basic cfg
Iris Lightshard
Improve non-ASCII character search handling

Before, the XA_STRING would only let use ASCII characters properly.
Now UTF-8 characters should be handled correctly.
Quentin Rameau
surf - simple webkit-based browser
surf is a simple Web browser based on WebKit/GTK+.

In order to build surf you need GTK+ and Webkit/GTK+ header files.

In order to use the functionality of the url-bar, also install dmenu[0].

Edit to match your local setup (surf is installed into
the /usr/local namespace by default).

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install surf (if
necessary as root):

    make clean install

Running surf
	surf [URI]

See the manpage for further options.

Running surf in tabbed
For running surf in tabbed[1] there is a script included in the distribution,
which is run like this: [URI]

Further invocations of the script will run surf with the specified URI in this
instance of tabbed.


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