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custom fork of the fluxbox windowmanager

dont show titlebar if window is maximized

for keyboard-driven workflows with top-panels; also set tabs to the bottom of a window for best effect
Iris Lightshard
add colorspace fix for window borders with transparency
Iris Lightshard
Add RelativeSmart documentation to the asciidoc source. Thanks to
Alexey Ugnichev for pointing out its disappearance.
Mark Tiefenbruck
Fluxbox is a windowmanager for X that was based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code.
It is very light on resources and easy to handle but yet full of features to
make an easy, and extremely fast, desktop experience.

Read INSTALL to read about building and installing fluxbox. Read NEWS to see
whats new in this release, for copyright information see COPYING. For more
information go to:


  Blackbox team

  People at #fluxbox on the irc-network.

  And all the people who sent bugfixes/patches and helped us making
  Fluxbox a better application, see AUTHORS for a incomplete list
  of people who helped fluxbox.

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